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Fit Gal North is me…Donna Gustafson! I’m a little bit of city who met the quiet country and love was born, circa 1986.

Setting up home outside a small town in northern Alberta Canada I proceeded to carve out a life for myself. 

My love of activity and healthy living motivated me, along with my hubby and two kids, to open and run a fitness center for over a decade then pivot to a boutique personal training studio which I operated until the death of my mom collided with Covid in the now infamous 2020. Closing the doors to my bricks and mortar business I’ve entered the virtual world of training and surprisingly blogging…currently more blogging than training! Lol

In this pivot, from my quiet lakeside home, I hope I can continue to share and inspire others to live a healthy life through my experiences in the fitness industry and to look at wellness as more than physical activity by sharing through picture, word and song what encompasses my lifestyle of wellness!

Donna Gustafson
Donna Gustafson
Donna Gustafson

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Fit Gal North…more than the physical, an encompassment of the whole being.

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