What’s in a Name?

Gather wall sign


4810 – 49 Street, Athabasca, Alberta, Canada.

This is a location.

Here you will find a cement block building in the middle of a small town, in a centralish part of a western province, in the country of Canada.

.  (period)

What it doesn’t tell you is ALL that that building has contained in its 25+ years of its existence.

The blood, literally and figuratively, sweat and tears that went into creating that building. The hopes and the dreams for it. The hesitation, the fear, the excitement, the challenge.

None of that is visible as you pass by it. You may not even notice the building itself, caught up in the thoughts of your own little world.

We all do that, pass by without noticing. Maybe just for today; maybe always…never getting curious, never giving it any thought.

I enjoy thinking, am an over thinker at times and sometimes a dreamer. “A stupid little dreamer” to quote Roger Hodgson of Supertramp.

When I think about it, I think this building has a ‘soul’ or essence of its own; a purpose. I believe it’s imperative that everything lives out its purpose…to come into its own.

So, I chose the name for Gather on 49th Street as a nod to what I believe is the essence of this building; ‘To bring together; Unite,’ as I feel that is what this building was created for from the day it opened as a Fitness Center to its current Events Venue, and who knows what in its future! To bring people together.

Gather is also a verb and a verb is an action word. Nothing happens without action. I could’ve continued to dream a stupid little dream or act. Act I did, whether I’m stupid or not depends on how one defines stupid. Or crazy. Or successful. Or fun. Or fulfilling. It’s an individual thing really.

But, seeing all of the different things that have taken place within Gather; all the different ways in which people have come together and all of the different kinds of people coming together in the short time of its existence is so exciting and fulfilling. A success story I feel.

Dream a little dream, get curious, figure out the ‘why’, lean into fear, feel the excitement, then do it! Wouldn’t it be stupid not to try?

We truly do miss 100% of the shots we don’t take.


I’d like to thank Cheryl Carlisle of Vinyl Cravings for her help in bringing to life the pictured canvas. A perfect fit!!

She can be reached on Facebook; vinylcravings, Instagram @vinylcravings_cherylcarlisle or www.vinylcravings.ca                                       

On-site Gather Canvas



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