What is fit?

What is fi?

What seems like eons ago I was asked to speak to a group of high schoolers about fitness. I obsessed about that talk…what to say?

I wanted to portray fitness as I always felt about it…it was a lifestyle. Fitness was not about lifting weights only, or running only or being a certain number on a scale even. No, I wanted them to think more broadly.

Fit wasn’t one thing… it was many things. It was body, mind and soul. It was getting real with yourself about your weaknesses and finding the right tools to become stronger, more balanced as an individual thereby providing more satisfaction to your life. That was fit! Living your best life by noticing your weaknesses, finding solutions and as a result creating more balance and happiness within yourself.

I don’t know how many of them got what I was trying to say that day in that presentation.  Sometimes what we are expecting isn’t what we get…maybe I went too deep. My goal was to bring them out of narrow minded thinking and consider themselves as the multidimensional amazing beings that they were. We did talk about lifting weights and the programs I offered at the gym I owned and ran at the time, but I hope I at least planted the seeds within their minds that true fitness considers and encompasses the whole being.

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