My Magical Cat Time

My Magical Cat Time

There is a beautiful time in the morning that has been presenting itself to me since I’ve been home more as a result of closing my business. Not a specific time as per se but more of an occurance that just presents itself when the time’s right,  which has been frequently…thus the noticing. I’ve decided to call it ‘my magical cat time.’

It is the time in the morning when I wake up, frequently very early; pour myself a coffee in my favorite mug of the moment and snuggle in somewhere comfy with a warm blanket, the two heathen cats, a sharp HP pencil and crisp fresh paper. I guess that doesn’t sound very magical to some people but I really have been enjoying the solitude and self reflection that this time brings me.

The cats have been LOVING this time as lately the strict furmom has been allowing them up on the bed! “Why do you have them” a friend remarked as I groaned about Jack and Asia’s idiosyncrasies. “The kids left them” I replied. But the more I thought about that conversation the more I realized that wasn’t accurate. The strict furmom loved them too much to part with them, and I believe my smarty pants kids knew that light years before me! I had developed heartworm from the cats…earworm is when you can’t get a song out of your head, heartworm is when you can’t get love our of your heart.

So, in spite of the puked up hairballs, the dug up chewed up houseplants, the hair EVERYWHERE, the million trips in and out the patio door to see if winter had broke into spring since 5 minutes ago, and the endlessly full litter boxes those two had wormed their way into my heart and my having them had nothing to do with the kids leaving them behind.

I suspect that the cats are overjoyed with Covid and secretly, out of respect and not wanting to push it with furmom, are thrilled that it took my business. As I said, heathens! But oh how I love those little devils!!!

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