Moved by Music

Moved by Music

I find connection in words…written words in books, poems, inspirational phrases, music. Music really speaks to me…literally!

Music has been a very big part of my life and still is. As a little girl I spent lengthy amounts of time stretched out on my tummy on the floor of our living room in front of the speaker of the console style stereo we had. I became whoever my favorite singer was spinning around and around on that turntable. With my ear pressed right up against that speaker I tried again and again to hit every note perfectly in tune to my idols. From Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac’s Rumors to Charlie Pride’s Christmas in My Hometown and even Mickey and Bunny’s Ukrainian Christmas Carols. I can’t speak Ukrainian except for the odd word and curse but at Christmas I sure could sing it! LOL

The album covers back then were a ‘book’ in themselves! Each would tell a story of various sorts, and the more you studied them the more you discovered. It mesmerized me for hours and is, unfortunately, a form of art that has been lost.

I heard a quote not long ago about grief…”crying is how your body speaks when your mouth can’t explain the pain you feel”. Isn’t that so beautiful?! I don’t know who said it but they are smart! Music is the same to me; music speaks what my mouth (body) struggle to express. Not just pain though; happiness, excitement and love too.

I am in awe of musicians who can take individual words and individual notes and place them strategically together to convey an emotion, a message. Think about that for awhile…common folk can really take the magnitude of that creative process for granted…what a shame.

You will see musical references in my posts, as I said music has been a very large part of my life. But I feel no need to reinvent the wheel here, the artists have so skillfully and eloquently created their pieces that to change them in any way would just not be right, at least in my mind anyways. I’d rather give credit where credit is due by using quotations and weave with those sentence threads into the tapestry of my own life in hopes you will enjoy the parallels and maybe even relate to the world as its seen through my eyes and experiences.


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