Me and You and a Dog Named Boo

What a glorious summer we had here in northern Alberta! Usually we are lucky to get a couple stretches of 25+ degrees during the period of May through September but this exceptional year saw a multitude of beautiful sunny days. I am a heat lover but I have to admit there were a few of those 30 degree stretches that I was envious of others who have air conditioning in their homes. My bank account reminded me that the floor fan and cold shower were really where things were at though! Oh well, they worked too.

My mission this summer was to get my Eden back in order. I usually try to tackle a project or two each summer but the past couple years have been a struggle with the juggle. And, although the unusual heat had made gardening impossible some of those days, all in all it was a perfect year to tackle my overgrown, neglected yard.

In addition to this lofty summer goal was the prospect of a new addition to our not entirely empty nest…a puppy! I had debated this decision for a long time, back and forth in my mind I went. The struggle was between that get up and go anywhere freedom we had and that hard to put into words unconditional love and companionship that I knew a dog would bring. The seemingly never ending saga of Covid tipped my scales and mid July brought with it a furry little bundle of absolute joy.

Puppies are not for the faint of heart though; initially they are a lot of work! Our every two hour visits to the backyard patch of grass throughout the night was a deja vu of childrearing days minus the trip outside. After a month I was stumbling around in a sleep deprived fog. Oh and the yard work?? Forget that! I had nary the energy for doggie walks some days never mind muster any force with a shovel in dirt! Blogging was the furthest from my struggling to string sentences together mind too. But for a gal who for most of her adult life knew only high speed and get ‘er done, this was good!

As the weeks passed things slowly changed thankfully and I was increasingly getting more uninterrupted sleep, forming more coherent sentences and my Eden was looking pretty good. Most importantly though the slower pace with that furry little bundle of joy brought many smiles and laughs, I had forgotten how good it felt to play!

Every day my little Bindi Boo reminds me of the value in sacrifices for unconditional love; the pure and utter joy of laughter and play, and that lots can be accomplished even at a slower pace. She is by far the best addition I have made to my wellness kit in a long time. Oh, and she loves my Eden…I love them both!

Bindi and Shawn

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