Little Red Tricycle

My red trike

I started a new project yesterday. Last year during our usual Sunday dump run I spotted a small tricycle in the scrap metal heap. It reminded me of the red and white one I had when I was a little girl. Each spring I eagerly awaited the trip to my baba’s house with my dad to retrieve my tricycle from winters storage and when we got home and he placed that tricycle on the sidewalk in front of our house I would jump on and pedal as fast as my little legs would go, that sweet sense of freedom and independence washing over me and my ear to ear grin!

So when I spied that little tricycle in that heap of metal at the dump I plucked it with the idea to jouje it up…you know, love it back to life and give it a new life in my yard! Although my former tricycle didn’t have a basket, I love the look of one and I can’t resist having another spot for plants in my yard so a basket was in the plan as well.

At home, a good cleaning then a fresh coat of chalk paint on all the red pieces of metal and the rubber handlebar grips is all it took to love that little one into its new life! I left all of the white paint as is, I’m a patina lover so the bits of rust showing through the white paint adds to the character.

I had an old wicker basket stashed away that turned out to be the perfect size for my tricycle and with a little soaking in water, a trick I learned from my Dad, I was able to shape it so it was more oval than round and attach it perfectly to the front of the handle bars with some thin wire.

OMG what a little cutie she is!!! I cannot wait to plant up her basket and place her strategically in my yard where I can gaze at her and reminisce about those childhood feelings of independence.


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