Hindsight is 20/20

My dumbbell ornament

This is the ornament that started it all. I’m pretty sure my employee thought I was insane spending so much time putting that little thing together and then requesting multiples to decorate the Christmas tree at the gym we owned and operated. And maybe I was insane, or am, as I am still doing it, and selling them too! Although the more recent version looks quite different.

Lets face it, we all need strength at times. Life can be messy and and life can be monumental, either way you need to be strong to survive it and strength comes in many forms. The key is to know which form a particular situation is calling for. THAT I’m still learning.

2020 asked me for strength in various forms, I met the mark on some and failed in others. As I reflect though, I come to realize that either way I’ve come out a winner.

2020 opened my eyes to a lot.  I have to admit, some days strength was simply pulling my toque down over my eyes and hiding from it all just like a little gnome!  Other days it was boldly confronting my fears and exposing them to the daylight for the liars they were!

As I said, either way it’s a win.  It takes strength to retreat when you know that’s what’s best and it takes strength to move forward when you know that is best and both are examples of strength.

That tiny little ornament packs a huge amount of meaning, it seems a shame to pack it away until next Christmas. Maybe I’ll hang it from the rear view mirror of my car instead.  Looking forward or looking back it’ll remind me of my strengths.


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