But Why?

But Why?

I think it can be human nature to overthink things especially when it comes to fitness and losing weight. For some reason we want to think a routine has to be complicated and intricate to be effective but it really doesn’t have to be.

A good plan starts with reflection first then action. Building a house begins with consideration of wants and needs, time and budget, etc. So before we get to the doing we must consider the why. Why are you doing this, what is it that you are wanting to achieve? The clearer you are about the why, the easier it becomes to hatch the plan!

Fitness, and being fit, means different things to different people so it encompasses a wide range of modals; strength, cardio, flexibility, nutrition, mental health and so on. Overall fitness will have you move forward with a more balanced approach for example, while weightloss will require more specific focuses. Having a clear picture of what your goal is puts your energies where they will pay off for you rather than costing you time as well as other valuable resources.

Working with a fitness professional to deke out the why and zone in on the how can save time, possible injury, frustrating plateaus as well as money. Just find a pro who aligns with your values and that you feel really comfortable with.

Hiring professionals in any field can save the consumer in the long run but in the era of DIY I totally understand side stepping a pro and rolling up your own sleeves…so in that case take time to think seriously about your why.

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