A New Adventure

This February marks the completion of 24 years of blood, sweat and tears in owning and operating Lifestyle Fitness Personal Training Studio as an extension of Lifestyle Fitness the gym. I really wanted to do these entities justice by putting them to rest in the same way that they were brought to life; with strength, pride and optimism, but it has taken me a bit of time to come to that place. I believe I have arrived and upon completion of this years 30/30 Wellness Challenge I will say goodbye to these loves of my life. Turn, Turn, Turn by the Byrds…such a beautiful song, to everything there is a season.

The past 24 years has been an absolutely incredible journey! Shawn and I have so many fond memories and although there were ‘challenges’ too, we did our best to handle them with honesty and grace. We weren’t perfect but such is life. We are so thankful to the hundreds of people we had the pleasure of getting to know and serve as clients, experiences such as these are truly the spice of life; the crazy wild flavour in the world of vanilla! Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

While you can take the girl out of the gym, you’ll never take the gym out of the girl! So I will continue to offer take home exercise and yoga programs as I delve into my next adventure as a blogger, creator of things that make me smile and revitalizationist breathing new life into items discarded. You can follow along on my journey here at fitgalnorth.ca and check out some of my creations and revitalization projects in the weeks ahead on FaceBook and Instagram @fitgalnorth.

Let the next adventure begin!!

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